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  • Carolyn Riker

    Carolyn Riker

    Poetry is my first love. Inspired by intuition & my chunky ginger cat. My favorite place is by the sea, sipping espressos and daydreaming.

  • David Rudder

    David Rudder

    Top writer in Poetry. I am a diarist and write poetry to reflect my thoughts.

  • Christopher P Jones

    Christopher P Jones

    Art writer, critic, novelist, artist. See my links at https://linktr.ee/cpjones

  • The Poetry Lover's Companion

    The Poetry Lover's Companion

    Love is such a beautiful sensation that you can give to yourself and people around you. Poetry is one of the way to express your love, romance and emotions. ❤

  • Emil Kert

    Emil Kert

    Music: https://linktr.ee/emilkert | Author of fiction, lit fiction &… poetry author.to/EmilBooks

  • Stanley B. Gill

    Stanley B. Gill

    I’m justa po’ ignorant baldheaded kid from New Orleans. Discovered nobody knows anything in Hollywood. Thanks Bill. #indieproducerlife

  • Classical Sass

    Classical Sass

    Perpetually three eighth notes shy of a homicide. Find me on patreon: https://patreon.com/user?u=5362411

  • theNewerYork Press

    theNewerYork Press

    A wonderful repository for experimental and Alt Lit. -The Guardian.

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